Business Lines


Financial Investing

We invest in the equity markets, with allocations for long-term investing, short term trading opportunities and a focus towards impact investing.
Financial Investing
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Real Estate

We manage our family commercial and residential real estate asset base, in addition to our land bank.


We have our own family owned and run Bakery and Café at Happiness in Kalyaninagar, Pune. This combines with an Activity and Learning Center on the upper floor and a boutique Bakery and Café on the ground floor. We are passionate about people creating memorable experiences and friendships. With a glass window to our kitchen, we hope to not just give our patrons complete transparency into the process, but also a connection to it.

Food Ingredients

Only Great Foods, THE firm for innovative food ingredients from India works as the exclusive India and Asia partner for various buyers in North America, Europe and Australia. We also invest in our own manufacturing.

Private Placements

We take an opportunistic approach towards new technology and participate in private investing in upcoming companies and technology.